custom made edge-lit signs
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All LED Drivers are 12 Volt Australian Standards Approved, and supplied with a 24 month (back to base) Full replacement warranty, -subject to testing – (being used within the designated loading).  Our LED Drivers are of the switching type (electronically regulated) at 12 Volts and overloading will cause them to flash on and off, as apposed to dropping voltage , which will cause premature LED failure.  Pricing includes GST, but not shipping.  If you have ordered an Edge-Lit sign from us, it will be supplied complete with the correct Driver.  If you are looking to purchase an LED Driver, and are unsure about how to select the correct one, please contact us for assistance. Plug in Drivers are all supplied complete with power cable and either straight or 90 degree 2.1X5.5X9.5mm plug.

500mAmp (6 watt)– $18.00

1500mAmp (18 Watt) – $20.00

2500mAmp (30 Watt)– $24.00

5000mAmp (60 Watt)– $45.00



12V 2.5 Amp waterproof – IP67 (30 Watt)- $35.00 – Single Channel

12V 5.0 Amp waterproof  – IP67 (60 Watt)– $60.00 –  Single Channel 

12V  8.3 Amp waterproof – IP67 (100 Watt) $92.00 – 2 channel


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