custom made edge-lit signs
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Signs Direct is a supplier of quality products backed by over 20 years of experience in the signage industry.  However, we have no control over the application, or way in which our products are used.  By purchasing from us, you agree to be bound by the following:

1) You confirm that we have the legal right to use any intellectual or electronic property, or files supplied, or transmitted to us (Signs Direct) by you, for the production of artwork on your behalf.  You further agree to indemnify us, Signs Direct, our employees and directors from any legal proceedings that are bought against us, by any third parties in relation to the use of non authorized artwork or electronic property, or files supplied by you.

2) Any artwork created by Signs Direct, in either hard copy or any electronic format ,shall remain the property of Signs Direct, before, during, and after being created on your behalf. Any artwork shall not be passed on to any third party without the express consent of Signs Direct, its directors or employees.

3) You agree to indemnify Signs Direct, its employees and Directors of any liability resulting from, or bought about by the application, use, or misuse of any products supplied by Signs Direct.

 4) You agree that by requesting Signs Direct to develop artwork, that you have read and understood the above terms, and to be bound by them. Acceptance is agreed too,  by supply of artwork and confirmed by payment of our invoice, prior to the commencement of manufacture.

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