custom made edge-lit signs
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A bikers best mate:

After years of use in the signage industry, under a different brand name,  we are excited about giving access for the wider market.  We believe it is the best value for money acrylic / glass cleaner on the Australian market today. Not only do we sell it in a handy 125Ml bottle, complete with on and off cloths ( ideal for storing under a motorbike seat), but you can also purchase it in a 500ml concentrate pack.  Simply water down 9 parts of water to one part concentrate.  Ideal for cleaning the likes of glass, and acrylic substrates like your visor, screen, headlamp, and glasses. They will all benefit from the thin antistatic silicon film it puts on the surface to resist dust or bugs from settling (Dung Beetles dont like it at all) and our Acrylic Cleaner is safe – Very safe, with no dangerous or corrosive chemicals.  However, If you are stupid enough to spray in your eyes, it will sting, so wash it out with water.  Our Acrylic Cleaner is available now for just $9.95, or $29.95 for the concentrated 500ml formula plus of course, postage and handling.

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