custom made edge-lit signs
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So what is an Edge – Lit sign

Put simply, its a sign where we polish the edge of a sheet of special plastic substrate (one with very high light transference) which we punch light into and this light picks up anything engraved, or placed against it.  This is then projected forward.  This technique allows for a multitude of visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing bright, sharp and colorful signs to be produced.

Engraved Signs

Our signs use only the best materials available in Australia.  Constructed using an anodized aluminum housing (designed for commercial applications) using LEDs, and 10mm thick acrylic sheet, which is inserted into a slot in the housing and secured.  Color is dictated by the LEDs used and we offer a choice of Blue, Green, Red, Amber, White, and RGB (programmable color change by remote function).  Pricing is dictated by the size, and amount of artwork to be engraved, LED size and in the case of RGBs, the control unit.  Please contact us directly for a quote.

Vinyl/ Painted

White Light is transmitted through the edge of the sheet and projected forward when it hits the solid colored Vinyl or painted graphics or lettering.  Color is dictated by the vinyl / paint colors used.  Pricing is dictated by the size of the sign, and amount of artwork, vinyl / Paint, and LED size.  Please contact us directly for a quote.


At Signs Direct, we also manufacture Edge-lit signs using a combination of both engraved and vinyl / painted artwork.  This additional medium allows us to give your sign even more flair.  Each sign is individually created and with various colors to work with, your sign will come to life.  Again, the price of each sign is dictated by its size, the amount of artwork, engraving, vinyl / paint and size of LEDs used.   Please contact us directly for a quote

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